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  ProNature has a range of organic food products to satisfy your family’s nutritional needs throughout the day starting right from breakfast. Our product portfolio includes Pulses & Beans, Flours & Grains, Spices and Herbs, Breakfast Cereals, Sweeteners, Roasted Snacks, Bakery Products and Edible Oils.
  Breakfast Products
  Beaten Rice (Poha)
  Beaten Rice is known by various names across the Indian subcontinent like Poha in Hindi and Marathi, Chindé in Bengali, Atukulu in Telugu, Aval in Malayalam and Tamil, Avalakki in Kannada etc. It is used to make a variety of recipes across India as also a light breakfast dish that starts the day on a healthy and delicious note.

Pro Nature makes organic Poha available to the consumers to enjoy a healthier version of their favourite snack.
  Daliya (Broken Wheat)
  Daliya is a popular breakfast food product that can be eaten with both milk and curds after boiling or in the form of Upma. It has high levels of fiber and protein, a lower glycemic index, and higher levels of most vitamins and minerals and is a great way to start the day. Pro Nature’s portfolio includes organic Daliya for your breakfast needs.
  Sooji / Rava
  Enjoyed across India as a sweet delicacy (Halwa or Kheer) for breakfast or dessert or in the form of a salted preparations (Upma or Rawa Dosa), coarsely broken wheat in the form of Sooji is also a rich source of fibre and wheat’s goodness. And it forms a part of Pro Nature’s offerings for the same reason.
  Pulses And Beans
  Often called the vegetarian's meat due to their protein content, pulses and legumes form an important part of any complete vegetarian meal. They are incorporated in the Indian diet in various ways including curries to be eaten with chapattis and rice, daal, as ingredients of rice preparations etc. Pro Nature offers you the following pulses and beans in the organic form to further enhance their nutritional advantage.

» Tur Dal
» Channa Dal
» Kala Channa
» Kabuli Channa
» Moong Green - Split and Whole
» Moong Yellow
» Rajma
» Black Urad Dal – Split and Whole
» White Urad Dal - Split and Whole
» Masoor Dal
  Flours & Grains
  In India, various kinds of flours have been long used for preparing not just breads but also other recipes like Raagi roti, Cheela etc. Recently, in many households, the wheat flour used for Chapati is being fortified as well by mixing with Raagi flour or Soy flour for bringing in higher fibrous content and protein content. Pro Nature’s flour portfolio includes the following offerings for your kitchen:

» Atta (Wheat Flour)
» Besan (Gram Flour)
» Raagi Flour
» Soy Flour
  Spices & Masalas
  Seed Spices
  The preparation of most Indian curries begins with frying the essential seed spices each of which has specific Ayurvedic health benefits in addition to bringing in flavour to the food. Organic Seed Spices available as part of Pro Nature’s range are as follows:

» Cumin (Jeera)
» Coriander Whole (Khada Dhaniya)
» Fenugreek (Methi)
» Mustard Seeds (Rai)
» Fennel Seeds (Saunf)
» Sesame (Rai, White, Natural)
  Powder Spices
  Many Indian recipes use spices in the powdered form and in the powdered form these spices bring in a stronger flavour and the same Ayurvedic benefits to the table. Pro Nature brings you the following organic powdered spices to make delicious meals with:

» Black Pepper Powder
» Cinnamon Powder
» Coriander Powder
» Cumin Powder
» Red Chilli Powder
» Turmeric Powder
  Miscellaneous Spices
  In addition to the spices listed above, a variety of other spices are used in Indian cooking on a daily basis for the flavour and Pro Nature offers the organic variants of the following spices amongst those:

» Black Pepper (Whole)
» Cardamom
» Cinnamon Bark
» Clove
» Tamarind
  If each spice can enhance the flavour of food in its own way, a combination of these spices powdered together can do magic and many Indian recipes use specific combinations (called Masalas) in their recipes. Organic Masalas available under the Pro Nature umbrella are:

» Rasam Powder
» Sambar Powder
  Known for its health benefits especially for organs of the respiratory system like Throat and Lungs, Jaggery is an unrefined sweetener that is a good source of Iron. It also has a higher proportion of mineral salts and is overall a highly recommended product for a healthy diet. Organic jaggery has the added advantage of having no use of chemicals at any stage of production including while growing the source sugarcane and is chemical-free. Pro Nature offers Organic Jaggery for you to enjoy its health benefits in the purest form possible.
  Honey is another of nature’s gifts to mankind and it boosts immunity and has antioxidants that help fight cancer. It is also useful in a number of common ailments that we suffer from. Organic honey is derived from bees that have not been administered any antibiotics and have not been exposed to pesticides or chemicals for their upkeep. As a result, organic honey is free from any chemicals and antibiotics. Raw organic honey has the additional benefit of the antioxidants and phytonutrients are maintained at natural levels. Pro Nature offers this goodness or organic honey in its range as well.
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