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How to design a healthy eating plan for weight loss

Ankur Sarkar

How to design a healthy eating plan for weight loss

It is a well-known fact that the more we focus and concentrate on something we don’t want, the more we get it and the same is true of excess weight. Some women seem to be on a die perennially because their ideal weight is always out of their reach. This is essential because the more you think that you can’t have that cake, the more you tend to focus on that cake, till you give in to your craving and end up binging and then feel guilty.

If you wish to get out of this vicious circle then the best thing to do is let go of the ‘diet chart’ because this kind of chart brings with it a sense of deprivation. Instead, you should opt for a ‘healthy eating chart’ or ‘balanced diet chart’. You should opt for a healthy eating pattern that can help you with weight loss that you can sustain over a period of time.


The Indian balanced diet chart

Eating a balanced diet does not mean that you have to survive on sprouts and salads only, although they are definitely good for you. As per the well-known nutrition and wellness expert, Rujuta Diwekar, a person’s body responds best to foods that he or she grew up with. Hence it can be said that for Indian women an Indian diet plan will work the best.


Make small tweaks to your diet

You should definitely reduce your intake of processed and packaged foods which are usually loaded with sodium. Sodium can cause bloating and also heart disease. As was always the case in India, it is best to eat fresh produces and make juices by blending diced fruits and vegetables. Avoid the whites like rice, sugar, and bread and opt for brown, while it is also advisable to opt for whole wheat flour instead of refined flour.


Eat seasonal fruits

Do not go for the exotic imported fruits which are found out of season and instead opt for the seasonal fruits from the local market. Seasonal fruits are usually rich in the compounds which the body requires at that time of the year. For instance, orange and guava are rich in vitamin C and are found in winter because this is the time when you need vitamin C to guard against the cold.


Stir fry instead of deep fry

Occasionally if you eat deep fried foods it is alright, but on a daily basis, you should opt for stir-frying instead of deep frying. This will help in keeping the calorie count low without sacrificing taste.

All in all, these are the tips you can follow in order to create a healthy diet plan for yourself.